Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Every 10 Minutes

In a joint venture with Pepsi/Mt. Dew you can win an X-Box 360. Click the link above to try and win.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cooking with your Ipod

NEW YORK ( -- The iPod is the latest media outlet Kraft Foods is using to lure people to buy its products. At, consumers can now download recipes into the little-used Notes area of Apple’s digital music player.

2005 Baclk Weblog Awards


Friday, August 26, 2005


Check out this funky new blog service that just launched.

teens and cell phones

35.9% of US teens bought cell phones just to use text messaging
-Posted by ZDNet Research @ 2:10 pm

Mobile usage
IDC and surveyed nearly 8,000 US teens (ages 13-18) who use mobile phones. Many US teenagers perceive a cell phone as a social necessity – 35.9% of teens acquired their phones mainly to use text messaging while an additional 13.3% acquired them to talk with friends. Cell phone usage drivers differ between teen boys and girls. Girls were more likely than boys to have purchased cell phones in order to call their family or to use in emergency situations, while boys preferred to call their friends. Boys were also more inclined than girls to use text messaging on their cell phones girls, more than boys, preferred talking directly to their friends over text messaging them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cingular Spins Exclusive Missy Elliott Ringtones

Cingular Wireless has recently scored a ringtone exclusive with hip-hop hitmaker Missy Elliott. The Atlantic/Warner Music artist will deliver a total of 26 thirty-second tones to Cingular customers, including several major chart-toppers. The collection of "Missy Tones" will be offered for $2.49 each, following price points for other Cingular ringtones. "Warner Music Group is committed to making the mobile space an important place for consumers to connect with our artists," said Michael Nash, SVP of Digital Strategy and Business Development. "With this agreement, Warner Music Group not only extends our great partnership with Cingular, but, for the first time, makes Missy Elliott master ringtones available to her many fans."

The Missy Elliott offering is part of a growing number of mobile music content exclusives. Most recently, rival carrier Verizon Wireless announced an exclusive mobile content deal with John Legend and Shakira, in addition to a ringback deal involving Black Eyed Peas. But Cingular has also been extremely active in the space, recently delivering a Foo Fighters ringtone prior the delivery of the single to radio. Going forward, expect a stream of similar deals, with US carriers aggressively jockeying for music-focused customers and revenues.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mp3 killed the CD

Warner Music has created the first "E-Label." Artist signed to the label will be able to release clusters of songs insted of full CD's. FINALLY! This is what we've been waiting to see for a while. It's time the labels woke up and get on the ball. CD sales slip daily and this will allow for people to pick and chose what songs they like and will probably much less expenseive in production. GO WARNER MUSIC!

Monday, August 22, 2005

E-paper is coming

Fuji Xerox plans to start selling these E-Paper Visual Index Cards sometime next year. The e-paper is ultra-thin and does not need electricity for its display, according to CNet. The article—a photo caption, really—goes on to talk about “photoconductivity seats that contain an LCD layer.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blingtones Expands Lil Jon Deal, Targets Hip-Hop Crowd

Declaring an end to all "wack ringtones," urban-inspired start-up Blingtones recently expanded its deal with rap star Lil Jon. The company, which delivers original hip-hop tones from top producers, will now offer a Lil Jon-inspired golf game to users of Boost Mobile, Cingular, Sprint, and Nextel. Called "Crunk Golf," the game cleverly juxtaposes the calm demeanor of golf with the outrageous and original style of Lil Jon. That is part of a larger deal that calls for the rapper to produce exclusive ringers for Blingtones. The company also has deals with a lineup of other well-known hip-hop producers, including Q-Tip, Rockwilder, Hi-Tek and Doug E. Fresh.

The Blingtones proposition is an innovative one, and offers a big edge over more traditional mobile content offerings. While consumers can usually find chart-topping snippets from a variety of outlets, Blingtones offers one-of-a-kind jingles that can only be purchased from the company. And in a personality-driven genre like hip-hop, that exclusivity offers unlimited upside. Now, with a stable of proven hitmakers on deck, the company could experience a major ringtone hit akin to the Crazy Frog in the UK. That makes high-profile deals with rappers like Lil Jon a well-calculated risk, and paves the way for a “straight-to-ringtone” smash single.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Vynal is so out of here!

Denon DJ has released a hi-tech DJ’ing equipment that will make sure that vynal never sees the light of day. The DN-S3500 is a tabletop CD/MP3 player packed with enough features to make DJ Whoo Kid say woo. Built-in effects, three platter effects, full MP3 support, next track function, seamless loop and two-way CUE system, are just a few of the hot features. With all this MP3 technology for DJ's why am I still hearing repeated songs at the club?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

GPX2: The Poor Man's PSP

Don't worry this is not a PSP killer. It's really just a PSP wanna be. But it does have some nice features. I'm not to big about it working on 2AA batteries though.
It can play MPEG, XviD, WMV DivX format digital contents up to 720*480 pixels and supports caption. Watch vivid motion pictures on the high resolution 3.5" 170,000 colors TFT LCD. CPU which has 2D accelerator enables you enjoy games anytime anywhere. Meet the exclusive GPX2 games along with abundant emulators such as MAME, SNES, Genesis, PC Engine. So there's plenty of games online you can download and play. I'm not sure if any companies are going to sign on to support this.

Realizes a powerful digital sound, and supports various audio codec
Replays music in MP3, WMA, OGG format on the multi-codec MP3 player.
Listen to 100mw of true high quality sound.

Electronic Album-JPG BMP Support
You can download and view photos taken on a digital camera through your PC. Enlargement, abridgment is available from 320*240 up to 1024*768 and you can rotate Images up to 0¡Æ, 90¡Æ, 180¡Æ, 270¡Æ, Supports JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF files.

Read a text file with GPX2 now!
You can read electronic novels and any other text files through the text viewer. Besides you can use enlargement and abridgment function when you read a text file.

Simply upgrade firmware on GPX2 website
Enhance your product quality continuously by downloading on the GPX2 website.

USB 2.0 high speed
You can get a file of 500Mbps with USB 2.0 which is connected with PC

2AA Batteries
you can watch 320*240(30frame) of video file for approximately 8 hours and listen to mp3 file for approximately 14 hours (LCD off ) continuously with 2AA batteries.

PC Development
Basic development: Linux
Windows: Enabled via Cygwin installation

Open SDK Library
Supports software development library : SDL(Simple Direct Library)
Basic Library
Graphic library (Sound library)
Hardware I/O library


All we can say it HOTNESS! This trendy new notebook will have all you fashion diva's wanting for more. However at a 2.4K price tag...some of ya'll will have to sit back down or wait for the discount

Monday, August 15, 2005


All over the hood and spreading like wild fire si the LED belt buckles, LED dog tags, and what ever else they can stick a LED thing in. Yes, Pookie, KeKe, and Renee can get crunk up in the club and have their LED device light up with whatever they want to say.

147 colored LEDs surrounded by a chrome frame that can be attached to a belt or set on a desk or shelf. Your own personal billboard ready to announce your brilliant thoughts to the world or a convenient way to quietly tell someone to Shut The Fuck Up. As always keep it GANGSTA!

Video Game Market Research

Click here to take a survey
We are in the process of doing a large market research project and if you are a black or latino video gamer and want to tell the gaming industry what you think please fill out the survey.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Share your music

This device is probably gonna cause some problems with the RIAA. It's a MP3 flash based player that lets you share music via wireless. Currently codenamed BeeTune, each model is equipped with infrared and the ability to share music amongst themselves and with other infrared-enabled devices such as mobile phones. Now this all sounds really hot but you know how the RIAA is about that kind of stuff.

It comes in 4 versions, and are currently scheduled for release in the UK and each also featuring an FM radio and voice recorder.

Cool Tunes Cooler Bag

This psychedelic sack not only keeps the beers ice-cold on a sunny day, it plays your red-hot tunes too. Take this to the beach and be the talk of the ocean front.
More and more gadgets are fusing with everyday objects. Over the past few months we've seen the appearance of iPod coats and talking toilet roll holders to name but a couple. And now there's a cooler bag that doubles as an FM radio and portable speaker set-up.

The Cool Tunes Cooler Bag can even play music from iPod and other MP3 players by simply hooking up to its speakers via a headphone jack. And don't forget, it's plenty big enough to store a six-pack and some chicken, measuring in at a healthy 11 x 8 x 8-inches. It's available from for $45

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Giant Step and Ki-Bi Partner to Release Mobile Content Card in the US

Giant Step and Ki-Bi Partner to Release Mobile Content Card in the US

Giant Step and Ki-Bi today announced a partnership to release Ki-Bi’s mobile content card containing Giant Step related music and promotional opportunities. The card will be used as part of Giant Step’s activities to celebrate its 15-Year anniversary. It will be activated for a 15-week period starting September 5th and will offer ringtones, sweepstakes, music downloads and wallpaper.

The Ki-Bi mobile content card is a physical device and server platform for the retail and distribution of mobile content. To access content from a Ki-Bi card, customers dial the Ki-Bi service (an 800 number), hold their card up to their phone and press the button relating to the content they wish to receive. An acoustic tone is played which triggers the download of content to the phone from the central server.

Ki-Bi was launched in Europe in 2003 and to date has relationships with global leaders in the mobile market such as Ericsson, Orange, O2, MTV, Ericsson, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, mForma, and Glu Mobile (formerly Sorrent), Gameloft and others. Ki-Bi was listed publicly in London (LSE:KIB) in May 2005 and raised about $20m at the time of listing. In the US, Ki-Bi is already penetrating the market with a deal with Sun Microsystems and will continue to target content providers.

Maurice Bernstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Giant Step commented, “Giant Step is very excited to be part of Ki-Bi’s initial launch in the US. As a music marketing company we are always looking for innovative ways to promote new content and we view the Ki-Bi card as an excellent vehicle in the expanding mobile space. Giant Step has taken this opportunity to promote content relevant to our current music promotions. In the future we will be partnering with other record labels seeking to increase the shelf-life of a new release and create meaningful experiences with their fans.”

Ehud Levy, CEO and Co-Founder of Ki-Bi commented, “This partnership is an extremely significant development for us as we launch in the US. To have Giant Step as one of our first partners is an affirmation of our aim to distribute quality content into the mobile space in a manner that is easy for all. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Giant Step.”

About Giant Step

Starting as concert and club promoters in New York in 1990, Giant Step has expanded its operations to include artist management, a record label, and music marketing. Today the Company is regarded as a leading light for the discovery of new music particularly in the genres R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Dance and Electronic music. Giant Step’s music marketing division works with all the record labels to introduce new album releases through events, its website and jukebox, grassroots marketing and its highly coveted music and lifestyle influencer network. Non-music clients include Levi Strauss & Co., LG, Sony Electronics, Evian, Rheingold Beer, PF Flyers/New Balance, Puma and Schweppes.
For more information contact: Gamall Awad or Marah Eakin @ Backspin Promotions 718-399-1632

About Ki-Bi

Ki-Bi provides innovative technological solutions for the physical distribution and marketing of content and applications for mobile handsets. The Company’s business model is based upon the sale of electronic content cards (“Cards”) and sharing of the revenues from the content distributed through the Cards. Ki-Bi was admitted to AIM in May 2005.

Content, such as ringtones, music, video and games for mobile handsets, is currently distributed mainly by over-the-air downloads into handsets, but there are technological, logistic and marketing barriers to traditional physical distribution of such content via retail outlets. Ki-Bi provides a solution for the physical distribution of mobile content based on a combination of proprietary consumer electronics devices and central management server systems. It also provides an opportunity for companies to promote their brand in the mobile space.

During the past two years, Ki-Bi has established relationships with global leaders in the mobile market such as Orange, O2, MTV, Ericsson, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, mForma, Glu Mobile (formerly Sorrent), Gameloft and others.

Kyocera Candid KX16

The Kyocera Candid KX16 is a colour clamshell phone that can be converted into a mobile gaming handset and will be targeted to International and US CDMA carriers. With a style and affordability that will appeal to many users, the features include external caller ID, VGA camera with flash and digital zoom, speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and a raised keypad for increased texting speeds.

The camera features a front-facing lens and flash, this will allow you to snap a photo quickly while moving without the worries of blurring. A 5-step digital zoom goes from 160 x 120 resolution to 648 x 480. It also supports multi-shot mode, auto-focus, self-timer, white balance, colour effects adjusting and fun frames.

More on the gaming features; with the Alienware game pad, the KX16 will allow its users to play Java or BREW games with a more console-style feel to it. The Alienware Gamepad is due out this fall (sept/oct) and will sell for $29.95, however the Gamepad will be bundled with the KX5 Slider this fall before the KX16 hits the street.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ipods take flight!

Now you can have your Ipod or Ipod Shuffle take flight!

Just kidding...these are new mini speakers. Yanko Design has released the Boomtune Mini Tripod that is a combination stand and speaker system for your iPod (actually works with any MP3 player.) One AAA battery will power this for 10 hours.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Which one is BETTER?

OMG! I'm loving the new Zen Vision. But do I give up my PSP just to watch video on the Zen Vision? Hummmmmm

Looking for a job?

Are you looking to network and find a new job? THen check out LINKEDIN and make a connection

QubeGirl Qube Z2 Camera Phone and MP3

Check out Techie Diva's article on Mp3/Camera with chick flava.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Remember the episode of Good Times when Penny (played by Janet Jackson) got burned by an iron? Well maybe her injury would have been less sever if her mom used one of these....

Oliso Touch&Glide, the iron that senses when you let go, and automatically extends legs. Hell, the thing even turns it off if detects you haven’t used it for a while. It’s a little steep at $120 US, but come on, according to Oliso it is the “first major innovation in iron design in over 60 years!” Sixty years, people!